Encapsulated Botanicals

Encapsulated Botanicals

LEVACO Chemicals has developed the new LUCRACARE product line, which significantly increases the stabilization and long-term efficiency of active ingredients in nonwoven viscose fibres.

With LUCRACARE, volatile fragrances, essential oils and nourishing agents can be incorporated into nonwoven viscose fibres and gradually released again due to mechanical stress (slow-release-effect). Applications for LUCRACARE include hygiene pads or dry cosmetic tissues in the personal care sector, but also medical products.

The micro-encapsulated fragrances and active ingredients can be incorporated during the spinning process of the viscose fibres or applied subsequently during the processing of the viscose fibres.

LUCRACARE may be applied on many other types of fibres.
As well further fragrances are available on request.

Please test our product range:

  • LUCRACARE Fresh (flowery odor)
  • LUCRACARE Lavandula

For more information or for developments for your special application please contact us directly.